Celebrating 200 years of discovery through art and culture.

Human endeavour:
courage and exploration
2020 Theme
Scientific legacy
2020 Theme
Exploitation to preservation
2020 Theme

2020 is the 200th anniversary of the first recorded sighting of Antarctica. Throughout the year, the United Kingdom Antarctic Heritage Trust will be bringing the continent into the lives of millions of people in Britain through an innovative arts, education and events programme, giving everyone the chance to be inspired by the Antarctic.

What's on

A preview of selected upcoming Events and Projects

White Space with Beth Healey
NI Science Festival
Ulster Museum, Belfast • 23 February 2020 @1:00pm
Join Dr Beth Healey as she talks about her 2017 year-long mission for the European Space Agency to Concordia Station in Antarctica. Nicknamed ‘White Mars’, Beth’s time at Concordia was to investigate the effects of the extreme environment - isolation, inaccessibility, altitude and low light levels - on the physiology and psychology of the overwinter crew stationed there. Hear Beth discuss her findings and how the lessons learned will help future settlements on Mars.
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Antarctica family fun
Sutton African Caribbean Cultural Organisation
Sutton • 18 and 20 February 2020
As part of a series of family and community workshops, Sutton African Caribbean Cultural Organisation presents ‘Exploration to Antarctica!’ This free event will see children and their families learn about George Washington Gibb Jr – the first person of African Caribbean descent to set foot on Antarctica – and get creative through a range of fun activities designed to encourage an exploration and discovery of this impressive and important continent. From science and technology to art, maths and engineering, there’s lots of Antarctica-themed fun to be had this half term! Booking essential.
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Proposals for Antarctica
Peter Liversidge
UK and Antarctica • January 2020
From 1st November 2019 to 30th November 2019, Peter Liversidge typed and mailed 60 proposals to the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust to mark the 200th anniversary of the discovery of Antarctica in 2020. The 60 proposals range from the possible to the impossible,  including creating a series of full size Easter Island heads from snow gathered on Port Lockroy, raising a flag on Antarctica that is blank, other than a single word that reads: Hello, to asking 200 schools around the United Kingdom to collaborate on a series of watercolours, using gathered iceberg water to activate watercolour paint, to paint watercolours of icebergs.
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Antarctic World Passport
UK Wide Tour 2020
A new edition of the Antarctica World Passport will tour the UK in 2020. Audiences are encouraged to interact through the application for a passport. The applicant is requested to agree to a set of passport obligations that are presented by the passport officers and their personal data is entered into an application portal. Each participant is then able to take home their very own Antarctic World Passport. For the artists, Antarctica embodies Utopia: a continent whose extreme climate imposes mutual aid and solidarity, freedom of research, and collaboration for the good of the planet.
A Journey South
Chris Watson
Queens University Belfast • 13 February, 7:30 pm
As part of NI Science Festival, experience a sound journey to the Antarctic and the South Pole, with sound recordist and musician Chris Watson. This audio-visual tour includes recordings made during the BBC series Frozen Planet – the sounds of glaciers calving, Adelie penguins, orcas hunting, and Weddell seals singing under the sea ice – and concludes at the South Pole, at the location of Captain Robert Falcon Scott’s ill-fated journey in 1912. The sound journey is accompanied by narration from Chris and images to illustrate the locations.
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we are opposite like that
UK Wide Tour 2020
An ongoing series of works incorporating video, performance, poetry, music, and dance from material gathered during the artist’s research in the Arctic and Antarctic circles. Since mistakes in measurements, mirages, fog and ice prevented the discovery of these uninhabited places – neither place has any indigenous community and therefore no pre-existing myths and legends. we are opposite like that seeks to create fictional myths for the two poles from the non-human perspective of a melting fossil that has witnessed the great shifts of epoch: the ice. At the core of this project is a film, co-commissioned by Forma with Frieze and Channel 4 Random Acts.
Genevieve Lacey
UK Tour Autumn 2020
Three musicians play live in Solveig, amid an ice forest of abstracted images. Every sound they make is collected in a system of infinite sustain. The sounds and images in Solveig are symbiotic. It’s clear that tiny acts have long-term, cumulative repercussions. This project brings together artists from multiple countries of origin (Australia UK, Norway), each with different historical, contemporary and imagined relationships to Antarctica, the fragile, alluring continent that is one of the clearest indicators of our environmental emergency.

And lots more coming soon...

About Antarctica In Sight:
Our Past, Present and Future.

The United Kingdom Antarctic Heritage Trust is dedicated to preserving and promoting Britain’s fascinating history and legacy in Antarctica.

By exploring Antarctica’s past, and the role of humans on the continent, UKAHT will help create a future where Antarctica is at the centre of discussions about humanity’s role in preserving and safeguarding the planet. 

2020 Themes

Each year we will select new themes to represent our Antarctic heritage. Celebrating 200 years since the first sighting of Antarctica the 2020 themes are:

2020 Theme
Human endeavour:
courage and exploration
The UK has long been at the forefront of Antarctic exploration, from Captain Cook to Scott and Shackleton and latterly Expedition Ice Maiden, and these tales of human courage and endeavour continue to inspire us today. The heritage of this exploration remains preserved in Antarctica and in collections throughout the UK, reminding us of this legacy.
2020 Theme
Climate: scientific legacy
Britain’s role in climate science was born with Operation Tabarin, and ongoing international science programmes show us Antarctica’s role in the earth’s climate system and its acute sensitivity to our actions thousands of miles away. The climate crisis is integral not only to Antarctica’s past, present and future, but to that of all of us, and UKAHT’s unique perspective can use this scientific legacy to unlock both understanding and perhaps propose solutions to the climate crisis.
2020 Theme
Geopolitics: Exploitation to preservation
Antarctica’s geopolitics are completely unique. After an early period of devastation of the continent’s biodiversity through sealing and whaling, efforts to explore and understand prevailed, and in 1959, twelve countries signed the Antarctic Treaty. The Treaty supports and promotes scientific research, while prohibiting military activities, mineral mining, nuclear explosions and nuclear waste disposal. The Treaty is unique – no other governing document like it exists, and it has held fast for sixty years – but in these fast changing times with different global pressures and a shifting geopolitical landscape, could it become as fragile as the ecosystem it represents?
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