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Take a look at some of the events we have organised and supported over the years.

Going to Extremes
Wednesday 24 january 7.00pm £15

Ever wondered what it is like to walk to the South Pole?

In November 2015 Julian Thomas, newly appointed as Master at Wellington College, and with a passion for outdoor trekking and climbing, walked from the coast of Antarctica to the South Pole. He set off in late November and reached the South Pole on 9th January 2015 (at the same time of the year but somewhat quicker than Captain Scott’s team). His talk will explore how the Antarctic takes you to extremes in so many ways, not just in terms of temperature.



Mrs Oates gets to the truth
25th November at 7:00PM and 26th November at 4PM

Mrs Oates demanded to know ˜How and why my Son died in the Antarctic?"

This dramatised lecture is taken straight from her manuscript interviews in 1913 carried out with the surviving members of the doomed expedition to the South Pole 1910 - 1912

With a talented cast including our chairman Rosemary Irwin playing Caroline Oates herself, Bryan Oates, Mrs Oates' great grandson reveals all. With Eleanor Marsden, Alec Walters and Tom Alexander.

Dr. Wilson: from St. George’s to Antarctica
Thursday 23 November 2017

Dr Edward Wilson, who trained at St George’s Hospital, was the Assistant Surgeon and Zoologist on the Discovery Expedition, and Chief Scientist on the Terra Nova. Wilson, along with Captain Scott, perished on the return journey from the South Pole in 1912. Some of the material displayed has never been seen in public before. Accompanying the exhibition there will be a talk by David Wilson,  great nephew of Edward Wilson, and other guest speakers, as well as a display of thematic art of the Antarctic.

For more information click here

Antarctica: Life in a hostile Land - The Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery
5 June – 17 September

On Monday 5 June 2017, “Antarctica: Life in a hostile land”, is coming to Shrewsbury Museum & Art Gallery. This new exhibition promises to offer an exciting insight into our relationship with the most hostile continent on Earth.

“Antarctica: Life in a hostile land”, offers a thrillingly interactive experience, with a combination of prized historic exhibits and modern day technology that will allow you to become immersed in the wonders of the Antarctic continent.

The exhibition gives you the opportunity to explore the changes in human relationships with Antarctica and its inhabitants from the early 1900s, right up to the important scientific research conducted there today.

For more details click here

New and future science from South Georgia and the surrounding seas
Friday 10th November

A full day event at the Aurora Cambridge, the British Antarctic Survey’s new innovation and conference center. Presentations, by scientists who are actively involved in research, will be pitched for the membership of the Association and others who have a wide range of knowledge and expertise relevant to the Island but not all of whom are scientists. The progamme will be accompanied by an exhibition of artwork and photographic images related to South Georgia.

For further details click here


Dynamic Earth - Polar Extremes
Until Monday 28th August 2017

With experts forecasting a heatwave this summer, we are keeping our visitors cool with a host of extra polar-themed activities for the whole family to enjoy. Come and uncover a world of incredible experiences at some of earth's most extreme environments. Get your hands on a real iceberg as part of your time-travelling journey, and after your tour of our amazing galleries, enjoy additional activities included with your admission.

For more information click here

Death in the ice - National Maritime Museum
14th July 2017 - 7th January 2018

This exhibition explores the mysterious fate of Sir John Franklin and his crew on their final expedition – a mystery that still remains unsolved today. For more details click here


Family Fun Day at the National Library of Scotland
Friday 28th July 11:00 - 16:00

On Friday 28th July the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust will be going to the National Library of Scotland to host a Family Fun Day from 11:00 - 16:00. There will be a range of fun activities from storytelling to Antarctic dress up as well as engaging interactive tours of the exhibition. This promises to be a fun day out perfect for the Summer Holiday. If you would like to find out more you can email

South 2015: an Antarctic voyage to remember - Film Premiere
Wednesday 14th June, 6pm - Royal Georgaphical Society

South 2015: an Antarctic voyage to remember is a film about the contribution that Britons have made in the exploration of British Antarctic Territory and the cost in lives lost. It follows the voyage of Antarctic veterans to attend the dedication of the Southern Antarctic Monument in February 2015 and thence to visit the places in the Antarctic Peninsula where those "who lost their lives in Antarctica in pursuit of science to benefit us all" lived, worked and perished. It covers the creation of the Antarctic Memorial in St Paul's Cathedral, the Antarctic Monument at the Scott Polar Research Institute, Cambridge and its Southern counterpart on the waterfront in Stanley, Falkland Islands. You can view a trailer on YouTube

To book a ticket, click here


Lyme Regis Fossil Festival
28 April - 30 April


Do you have what it takes to be a polar explorer? Think the poles are just dead, icy wastes? Think again! This year we are joining the British Antarctic Survey, and the Polar Museum in the Pavilion on Marine Parade, Lyme Regis from 28th to 30th April, for hands-on activities, storytelling and much more for all the family. 

Discover how Polar scientists, past and present, have equipped themselves to study geology and the environment in the Antarctic.  Get kitted out ready for fieldwork in the coldest, driest places on earth! Explore the field camp and see the survival rations that keep you fed for weeks at a time in places thousands of miles from any shops. Visit for more information.



In the pink: why penguin poo is extremely interesting - The Polar Museum
6pm – 7pm Thursday 23 March

Gareth Rees is part of a team from the Scott Polar Research Institute and the British Antarctic Survey, developing new ways of counting penguins from space. In this talk he will explain how, where and why he and his student became world experts in the colour of penguin poo and what this might tell us about climate change.

For ages 15+. Book your free ticket

Family Fun Day at The Library of Birmingham
Saturday 8 April 11:00 - 16:30

On Saturday 8 April the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust will be going to the Library of Birmingham to host a Family Fun Day from 11:00 - 16:30. There will be a range of fun activities from storytelling to Antarctic dress up. The event will be on the third floor right by the Enduring Eye exhibition which is sponsored by the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust. This promises to be a fun day out perfect for the Easter Holiday. If you would like to find out more you can email

'Back to Nature'Activity Day - The Polar Museum
10.30 am - 3.30 pm Saturday 18 March

Explore the wonders of Nature at the Poles! Penguins, plants and colour changing skies, all at our Polar science activity day! There will be range of drop in activities for ages 3+. For further details visit the Polar Museum website


The Hidden face of Antarctica, revealing the Secrets beneath the ice – Professor David Vaughn, British Antarctic Survey
6.30pm Thursday 27 April 2017

Beneath Antarctica’s vast ice sheets are mountain ranges the size of the Alps, lakes bigger than Windermere, rivers, streams and ancient volcanoes. Prof Vaughn will lead the audience on a journey through the secrets of this mysterious frozen world, and explains why what happens there matters to us all. Professor David Vaughan is the Director of Science at BAS with responsibility for the strategic development and excellence in scientific output of the science teams employed by the British Antarctic Survey.  

Venue:  Field Studies Centre, Gilbert White’s House and The Oates Collections, Selborne, Hants, GU34 3JH. Contact: Louise Brown, T 01420 511275, email

Antarctica: From Geology to Human History
Starts Saturday 15 April

It’s not every day you get the opportunity to explore Antarctica, but Victoria University of Wellington’s first massive open online course (MOOC) will allow anyone, anywhere, to do just that—and for free.

Enrolments are now open for Antarctica: From Geology to Human History on the global edX platform—a nonprofit, open-source technology platform founded by prestigious United States universities Harvard and MIT and governed by universities for universities.

Antarctica: From Geology to Human History starts on Saturday 15 April. Enroll now, for free, online:

For more information contact Kristina Keogh on 04-463 5163 or

Why do Scott and Shackleton matter ? Making sense of Britain’s relationship to the Antarctic – Prof Klaus Dodds, Royal Holloway University of London.
6.30pm Thursday 30 March 2017

Captain Robert Scott (1868-1912) and Ernest Shackleton (184-1922) were for generations of British and Commonwealth citizens understood to be explorer-heroes despite their varying fortunes in Antarctica. Over time, a veritable cottage industry has sprung up lionising, evaluating, criticising, and belittling their reputations. Instead Proffessor Dodds will take you on another journey – where we tackle their hidden legacies – and show how it shapes today’s ‘polar geopolitics’. Along the way, find out what ‘Boaty McBoatface’ was all about !

Venue:  Field Studies Centre, Gilbert White’s House and The Oates Collections, Selborne, Hants, GU34 3JH. Contact: Louise Brown, T 01420 511275, email

Songs of the Morning
1pm Sunday 5 March 2017

The Yorkshire Ones has organised a lunch and concert on Sunday 5 March at 1pm at the Royal Yorkshire Yacht Club. They will perform original songs composed by the members of the crew of the Morning, Captained by RYYC member William Colbeck. Morning was sent to the Antarctic to rescue Scott's 1901-1904 Discovery expedition. 

Tickets cost £15. For further information email

Soloist - Matthew Pollard, Rector of Bridlington Priory 

Pianist - Katie Colbrook

The Yorkshire Ones' Three Ships Exhibition
2 March 2017-28 April2017

The Yorkshire Ones has organised an exhibition of textiles and mixed media inspired by three Hull Ships, Captian Cook's Resolution. The Morning, Captian Colebeck's ship sent to Antarctica to relieve Scott's Discovery and the last remaining Hull Steam Trawler Viola

The exhibition will be at the Hull Maritime Museum. For further information contact Vivien Stamford on 01262 679650 or email

Dick Laws: Antarctic Scientist and Artist, A retrospective
1 March 2017-25 March 2017

Antarctic Scientist and Artist, A retrospective will feature the work of former Director of the British Antarctic Survey and founding trustee of UKAHT, Dick Laws (1926-2014). Dick Laws was a zoologist, and also a fine wildlife artist, and this retrospective of his work will tease out the links between his scientific and artistic practice.

Penguin Ecology & Biology – Dr Philip Trathan, British Antarctic Survey
6.30pm Thursday 23 February 2017

In this talk Dr Trathan explores how new technology has helped reveal different elements of penguin behaviour and ecology, much of this previously unknown. Satellite remote sensing has now provided revised information about the breeding, distribution and population sizes of various different penguin species, so that we now know – for example - that there are 54 colonies of emperors with a breeding population of more than 238,000 pairs; almost twice that previously recognised. Use of new technology has been vital in re-assessing the threat status of all different penguin species.

Venue:  Field Studies Centre, Gilbert White’s House and The Oates Collections, Selborne, Hants, GU34 3JH. Contact: Louise Brown, T 01420 511275, email

RGS Enduring Eye Exhibition - The Library of Birmingham
18 January 2017-23 April 2017

The Royal Geographical Society Enduring Eye: The Antarctic Legacy of Sir Ernest Shackleton and Frank Hurley will be in Birmingham from January 2017, find out more click here.

One of the greatest ever photographic records of human survival on display in this remarkable exhibition created by the Society, curated by polar historian Meredith Hooper. 

The exhibition continues its tour of venues across the UK in January, with Birmingham its next destination.  During the tour of the exhibition, Shackleton's Endurance: Discovering Our Shared Antarctic Heritage, a project enabled by the Heritage Lottery Fund, is exploring local links to the Endurance expedition and the ways in which the experiences of the men - and their knowledge of Antarctica  - came to be shared, understood, and then inspire people across the United Kingdom. Local links and visitor reminiscences will be posted throughout the exhibition's tour.

Ice Bound: Impressions of the Far South
18 January 2017-23 February 2017

Ice Bound: Impressions of the Far South will feature artwork from the Friends of Scott Polar Research Institute’s 2014 Antarctic Artist in Residence, Darren Rees. For over thirty years, Darren’s highly original work has attracted an array of awards including BirdWatch Artist of the Year, Natural World Fine Art Award and BBC Wildlife Artist of the Year. Darren’s trip to the Antarctic peninsula and South Georgia on board HMS Protector inspired a prolific body of work, some of which was exhibited in August 2015 at the Friends of SPRI’s Visions of the Great White South exhibition held at Bonhams, London

Life in the coldest place on Earth
British Antarctic Survey at the Natural History Museum, Tring

Saturday 3 December, 11:00- 15:00


Join scientists from the British Antarctic Survey at the Natural History Museum, Tring in celebration of Antarctica Day…find out about penguins, diving in Antarctica and living in the coldest place on Earth… Read More




Little Explorers
Wednesday 30th November: 10.00am and 11.15am

A different story each session with renowned storyteller Marion Leeper.

For under 5s only. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Places cost £1.50 per child payable on arrival. One year olds and under are free.

Sessions last approximately 50 minutes. Find out more on the Polar Museum website.

Northern Exposure: Exploring the Arctic
Monday 28th November - Thursday 1st December

Philip Hatfield, a self-confessed Arctic armchair traveller and map-lover, will be sharing some of history’s most compelling adventure stories.

RSGS Inspiring People talks are open to all and are free to RSGS members, U18s and students, Tiso Outdoor Experience cardholder tickets are £8 and non-member/visitor tickets £10. For further information please contact: or visit the RSGS website.

An Antarctic Evening with Peter Gibbs

In aid of Banbury Young Homelessness Project (BYHP),Peter and Matthew share stories from their journey, following in the footsteps of Scott and Shackleton - and reveal what camping out at -15C really feels like! Come along to meet them at a reception before and after the event, which will include a Q&A. Click here for tickets and to find out more

Ernest Shackleton International Autumn School
Friday 28th - Monday 31st October 2016

The Athy Heritage Centre-Museum organise the Shackleton Autumn School which was established to commemorate the explorer in the country of his birth. It provides a forum for discussion and debate on polar exploration and the presentation of artistic works relevant to Shackleton and his time. For further details email

Tim Jarvis Public Lecture: “By Endurance We Conquer”
Wednesday 28 September, 7pm, in the Godolphin & Latymer Bishop Centre

Join explorer and environmentalist Tim Jarvis as he shares the many lessons he learned from re-tracing the legendary Sir Ernest Shackleton’s 1916 Antarctic journey of survival.

Tim’s insights into leadership, problem solving, resilience, teamwork, motivation and goal setting are as relevant to personal and professional goals as to expeditioning. Learn more about the extent of environmental change and melting glacial ice which Tim observed first hand and about his passionate belief in utilising the kind of leadership Shackleton stood for to tackle the issues of climate change facing us today.

Tim will also be signing copies of Shackleton’s Epic, Recreating the World’s Greatest Journey of Survival described as “lavishly illustrated and gripping from the very first word” Explorers’ Journal

Tickets are £15 and are available to book online (booking fee applied) or by cash or cheque made payable to Godolphin and Latymer School via The Development Office, Godolphin and Latymer School, Iffley Road, London W6 0PG. The entry ticket also includes a post-lecture glass or wine or soft drink.

All sales will support the Godolphin and Latymer Bursary Fund.

Earth zone: The British Antarctic Survey at New Scientist Live
ExCeL London Thursday 22nd – Sunday 25th September 2016

Imagine you are a scientist at Halley Research Station, Antarctica. It’s been completely dark for the last 100 days and, at minus 55°C, it’s cold outside. The night sky is dancing with a magnificent auroral display – a massive space storm has sent a barrage of electrons hurtling towards Earth generating radio waves.  You detect these waves at Halley with a very low frequency receiver but you can’t hear them until you convert them to sound using an audio amplifier. The sounds are called chorus. These signals help you forecast space weather.  Chorus waves generate so-called “killer” electrons that damage satellites. Your work really matters to a global satellite industry worth $177 billion. Visit British Antarctic Survey’s exhibition stand to find out more – you will be amazed!

This event is run by the British Antarctic Survey at New Scientist Live. Find our more by clicking here!


Storytelling at the Polar Museum
Wednesday 31st August: 11.00am

The Polar Museum's event for Little Explorers

Snowy storytelling activities. Different stories every time!

Suitable for ages 4 to 8.


Wednesday 31st August: 11.00am.

No need to book. This event is part of Summer at the Museums. Click for more information.


Friday Fun, Polar Play
Friday 26th August: 11.00am 'til 12.30pm

Create frozen worlds through play and construction using the museum's kits and toys. Suitable for ages 4 to 10.

No need to book. This event is part of Summer at the Museums. 

Friday 26th August: 11.00am 'til 12.30pm

Manchester Children's Book Festival

Join us in Manchester on Saturday 25th June as we take part in the Manchester Children's Book Festival! We will be telling some gripping tales about the exciting Antarctic adventures and well as inviting children to get creative with various arts and crafts! We will also have an Antarctic tent and clothing for people to dress up in! 

All of the activities are free and will take place in the Geoffrey Manton Building at Manchester Metropolitan University’s All Saints Campus (opposite the Commonwealth Aquatics Centre on Oxford Road).

We hope you'll be able to join us! 


The world’s most extreme conservation project: saving Shackleton’s and Scott’s huts
25th May 2016, 7pm

On Wednesday 25th May Nigel Watson, Executive Director of our sister trust NZ Antarctic Heritage Trust, visited the Royal Geographical Society to give the World Monuments Fund special lecture. He told the fascinating story how, through conservation, this iconic heritage has been saved for future generations. 

Friends of Antarctica received a 25% discount on the price of their tickets. 

Shackleton’s ‘Endurance’ Expedition Service of Commemoration
20 May 2016

A special Service of Commemoration marking the centenary of Shackleton’s ‘Endurance’ Expedition is to be held at Westminster Abbey on Friday 20 May 2016. The Service marks 100 years to the day since Shackleton achieved the crossing of South Georgia, reaching a whaling station where they could report what had happened and start the process of rescuing the men on Elephant Island. You can book tickets through Eventbrite by clicking here

17 February 2016
Family Day at the Royal Geographical Society

UKAHT had a ‘Family Fun Day’ at the Royal Geographic Society in London. The day was aimed at young and intrepid explorers, who wanted to learn all about Antarctica and especially Shackleton’s Endurance expedition.

The day was split into two sessions, with each session hosted guided tours of the ‘Enduring Eye’ exhibition and educational and fun activities.

21 November 2015 - 28 February 2016
Enduring Eye exhibition at the Royal Geographical Society

The Enduring Eye exhibition opened to the public on Saturday 21 November 2015, exactly 100 years to the day that the crushed Endurance sank beneath the sea ice of the Weddell SeaAt the heart of the exhibition were more than ninety high resolution images, taken by Shackleton’s official expedition photographer Frank Hurley.

10 October 2014
Penguin Post Office - Friends of Antarctica Exclusive Screening

UKAHT were delighted to host a special screening of the BBC’s Natural World film Penguin Post Office and an exclusive advance preview of CBBC’s ‘MLife’ programme on Friday 10 October 2014 at the Arnolfini in Bristol. 

16 June 2014
70th Anniversary of Operation Tabarin - Reception and Exhibition at the House of Commons

UKAHT marked the 70th anniversary of Operation Tabarin, which laid the foundations for one of the most important and enduring government sponsored programmes of scientific research in the Polar Regions, with a special exhibition and reception in the Terrace Pavilion at the House of Commons on Monday 16 June 2014.

8 December 2012
Kirriemuir Monument to Scott and Wilson Unveiled

During the planning time of the Terra Nova expedition, Edward Wilson was employed by the government to conduct a study into grouse; and in order to help him his publisher, Reginald Smith, offered the use of Burnside Lodge in Glen Prosen.Wilson spent many months based in the Lodge conducting his studies and was joined on an unconfirmed number of occasions by Captain Scott.

29 March 2012
St Paul’s Cathedral Centenary Service of Captain’s Scott’s Terra Nova Expedition

A century after Captain Scott wrote his final diary entry, the men of the ‘Terra Nova’ Expedition have been commemorated in a special service atSt. Paul’s Cathedralon the 29th March 2012. The service, which paid tribute to the courage and fortitude of Scott and his men, was the culmination of a series of events celebrating Scott’s expedition to the South Pole.

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